Monday, 29 December 2008


I've always been captivated by trying to explain things, seeking to impose some sort of logic on the past and, with much less success (but no less enthusiasm) on the future.

So I read.

A lot.

I blame it on evolution. I realised that endlessly favouriting articles in Google Reader, only to never re-read them, probably wasn't really helping me find the answer to 'Why?'

The internet opened up the infobahn for us infonauts, although attention rather than accessibility became the limiting factor in seeking answers.

Slowing down

I probably read too much, darting from one topic to the next with barely a pause for breath.

So I've decided to try and convert some of the fruits of my reading into this blog. Some posts will be my own observations and thoughts, others are likely to be more hat-tips to other people who can say my thoughts better than I can myself, or sites that are actually practicing what I'm preaching

My interests are so varied (or more likely my attention span so short!), that the themes of this blog will probably wax and wane, but I have found myself thinking more and more about change, especially the ways in which technology is changing society, and the ways in which businesses are adapting (or more usually forming) to take advantages of these changes in our lives

Hopefully, by exploring some areas in more detail, and by having to think about what I'm writing, I can become a better Infonaut.

Will I ever know 'why?'

I hope not.


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